Have fun with football!

In the company of Tiffani and her homegirls you'll learn the finer points of the mayhem and the mystique. This indispensible guide to the gridiron includes:

  • over 30 cartoon strips
  • easy-to-understand explanations of rules & plays
  • the last word in "pigskin correctness"
  • a helpful glossary of terms
  • mouthwatering recipes

and much more to help any woman appreciate the true spirit of football and even enjoy the experience.

A glowing review:
"The Girls' Guide to Football. Written & illustrated by Peaco Todd. Cactus Studio Press, paper, $15. Peaco Todd has the dynamic energy and talent to view football from a woman's perspective. She's helped sail a yacht from Spain to the Persian Gulf, worked as a software company executive, was an assistant professor, and is a cartoonist and writer of rare ability. This wide-sized, small, very enjoyable cartoon-and-text volume has wit and an understanding that women will recognize and that men should be made aware of. A three strip cartoon progresses from, "Only one football player in a thousand is good enough to play in the pro league," to only one in a thousand football players "is good enough to become an announcer," who then thinks to himself as being at the top of his game. Some very solid lessons on the basics of the game for everyone who can't quite make out what the fuss is all about. Special teams: "These guys are called upon to play in special circumstances." A very funny argument in a huddle. Pigskin correctness means saying the right things: "Who's on the injured reserve?" "I'm looking for Z (the running back) to go over 100 today." "I sure hope they came to play." Incorrect comments: "Why doesn't that guy have a neck?" Recipe for a palpably unfair potato salad. If Peaco Todd can't laugh at it, it's probably not worth considering. "Football might be many things, but it is not a paradigm of peaceful conflict resolution." An utterly irresistible collection of cartoons, observations, recipes, cautions, innocently loaded remarks - and just plain fun from a quarterback who happens to be an admirable cartoonist."
The Book Reader, America's Most Independent Review of New Titles,

Fall/Winter 2001-2002