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About the Artist

Peaco Todd's roots lie deep in the fertile soil of Richmond, Virginia, where she grew up and out. She attended Florida Presbyterian College and then San Francisco State University, where she landed smack in the middle of the Vietnam War protests. After some wonderful years on the West Coast, her erratic but fulfilling journey took her to Martha's Vineyard, where she embarked on a six-month sailing adventure from Spain to the Persian Gulf aboard trimaran Rogue Wave.

After settling in Boston, she began to navigate triple career paths as a cartoonist, writer, and professor.  Currently she teaches in the online BA program for The Union Institute and University. In 2004 and 2008 she published Porkbarrel Comix and might do so again for the 2012 election cycle.  She has worked as a columnist and special correspondent for a number of regional newspapers as well as the Arab News of Saudi Arabia, and blogs for Care2, a progressive causes website, as well as the New England Patriots during football season.  Every fall she can be seen as a 'minor domo' for the Ig Nobel Award Ceremony where she specializes in wrangling the real Nobel Laureates who participate in the fun.

In early 2011 she spent four months in Argentina, a trip that has ignited a passion for travel.  Current projects under consideration include the development of two cartoon features: "Bright House" and "Boone-Doggle", a graphic mystery novel, an initiative involving using comics to teach literacy and environmental awareness, and cartoon illustrations for two books.  Stay tuned!